Friday, May 24, 2013

Solar energy in our workshop

Power outages are a common occurrence in Rwanda, but we've found a green solution to help us out. Solar lamps! The sun is not a scarce resource here in Rwanda. The team can charge their lamps while using them at their machines.

 Sun Kings charging in the bright sun, while our tailor uses it at his table. Efficient.

Shedding some light on our tailors as they sew our Isaro Tank Top.
Some tailors get more creative than others with how they mount their lamps.


Tulio José Mateo said...

Qué bueno! (y que coincidencia)
Esas mismas làmparas las distribuimos aquì en Haitì! Me gusta mucho ver como agregan cada detalle :-) saludos desde Puerto Prìncipe

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